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Hybrid indoor positioning engine

KAILOS is equipped with a hybrid indoor positioning engine that can combine signals from WiFi and Bluetooth wireless devices, and sensing data from magnetometer, gyroscope, pressure sensor, compass, etc. It also integrates various location filters to enhance its positioning accuracy.

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Crowdsourcing radiomap construction

KAILOS provides tools, services, and interfaces for anonymous contributors to draw indoor maps and collect radio maps, and then provides indoor positioning and navigation service to the public. Building owners, indoor positioning service providers, and even general users, who want to provide indoor positioning and navigation service at a target building, can be the contributors for KAILOS.

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Location service platform

KAILOS provides a location service platform, which is a location-based application development environment. Equipped with a walking survey tool and an indoor map design tool, it is mounted on top of indoor maps, radio maps, and the hybrid indoor positioning engine. KAILOS location service platform also provides APIs so that various kinds of location-based applications can be developed using the APIs.

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